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Praise for Janet

"Blown Away! So Much Cleared… Experienced A Shift Like Never Before During my phone session with Janet I was taken on a journey that included past lives, attached entities, angels and guides. It's astounding that you can live with a health challenge for so long and do all the right things to make it better but it never gets resolved. I'm blown away as to how much was cleared in one hour with a shift I have never experienced ever before. Janet also made many recommendations for appropriate foods and supplements that will support my health moving forward. I have been to many energy healers and medical intuitives over the years but no one holds a candle to what Janet did for me. She is the real deal and blessed with a magnificent talent! I am so grateful I found her through Darius Barazandeh's You Wealth Revolution Network and I can't recommend her highly enough!!!" ~ SUE D

"Janet's 5-week Program Is Unparalleled I have been a hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner for over 13 years and in that time, I have taken MANY online webinars from a variety of people: many who are considered Rock Stars in their field. But my experience with Janet's 5-week program is unparalleled. So much wonderful information from a woman who is sincerely committed to her work and to helping others. Thank you, Janet … you are a treasure and I can't wait to see what you do next!" ~ STEFANI SHERWIN, C.HT.

My Reading With Janet Was Transformational! I had my phone reading with Janet Doerr Thursday. I've been so tired and drained, I almost neglected to make the call at the scheduled time, but I'm so glad I did. The call was transformational. It was like an infusion, a return of life energy. I was a different person at the end of the call. Intuitive Nutritionista is the perfect description of Janet's work. She combines spiritual and generational insights with practical and individualized aspects of nutrition. It's an amazing combination. Janet provided so much in this generous reading, and was so inspiring, with a very comforting manner. There was a synergy between the intuitive spirit energy work that was interwoven with the nutritional insights. I feel like I have a wealth of new information to sort through, and look forward to doing it - and that alone is a major shift for me. A lot of old dense energy moved. I look forward to scheduling with her again sometime in future, and if you're feeling stuck - emotionally - spirituality- physically – I highly recommend connecting with Janet.” ~ APRIL KARENINA

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